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Looking forward to welcoming our new postdoc!

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

We are looking forward to welcoming our new postdoctoral fellow, Anastasiia Strizhakova, DVM, to our lab family. She is expected to join us in the Fall 2020. Here is her brief bio, in her own words: "My name is Nastia, I'm from Russia. I have devoted most of my life to veterinary medicine after receiving a DVM degree at the Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology. I started my professional career as a veterinarian, treating small pets. I am a practicing veterinarian with ten years of experience and an owner of a veterinary clinic in Moscow. I have professional skills in different areas of veterinary medicine such as ophthalmology, surgery, dermatology, dentistry, laboratory diagnostics, virology, endocrinology. However, over time, I realized that my true passion are the rules that govern the processes in the animal bodies, and I would like very much to do research work that goes beyond the simple treatment of animals. I am fortunate to join the Sinha Lab this year. AMD is highly prevalent in developed countries and ranks the third among the causes of blindness. It will be very interesting to dig into the molecular mechanisms underlying such an important disease that currently has no treatment available.

My main hobby is Motorsport, I compete in several disciplines, and I am a multiple winner of competitions. I think it helps to develop such qualities as the ability to work in a team, become goal-oriented and to learn how to focus on that goal."

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